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Easy Breezy smokey eyes…


As the scorching sun has made it too uncomfortable for us,Mumbaikers to go out. Minimal makeup is the only left with us but who doesnt like a smokey eye for that evening look with a little bit of glitter to glam up the look.

So I thought of creating this look which only requires minimal base with smokey glittery eye and nude lips.

imp 1

In summer heavy makeup can melt down so its important to only apply the base where is needed.

  • I started of with a tiny bit of foundation just to the places where i need to even up the complexion.
  • Then a conceler only around my eyes as i have dark circles.
  • For my eyes i used a wet brush for my black powder eyeshadow but even a black gel liner can work well.Using my brush i push the shadow inwards from both the corner leaving an empty hallow space in between .if it becomes too dark adding on a dark brown shade will help it to settle down a bit.i used a wet brush to keep my shadows in place.using a gel liner will surely be better.
  • Then for adding on a glitter to this look we need glitter gluu but its completely o.k to use a wet brush dip in glitter.this way there ll be no fall out .so i filled in the empty space inbetween with glitter .I used inglot loose glitter in shade 86 but any gliiter will do well with black outer corners.
  • Then i applied a very thin line of kajal in my water line anf tight line.smudging it a little.using the black and brown eyeshadow i smudged the liner .and that’s it for the eyes its that easy breezy.
  • To complete of i used mascara aand a highlighter over my brow bone.
  • In summer use of eyebrow pencil should be i used a very light stroke to fill in my brows.
  • On cheeks, blush and lots and lots and lots of highlighter to give that summer glow.
  • On lips i have used a nude lipstick.

All the products used i have listed down below:

  • Fit me foundation in shade 128 warm beige
  • loreal true match conceler in light medium
  • mac mineralize skin finish in medium dark
  • for eyes Lorac pro palette black and brown eyeshadow …can use maybelline gel liner instead
  • Rimmel scandaleyes kohl kajal
  • maybelline the falsies black drama
  • Inglot glitter 86
  • maybelline fashion brow in brown
  • elf twinkle pink blush
  • pac 03 highlighter
  • nyx lingerie in shade exoticimp 4imp 3imp 2Hope u liked it…

Plz share ur views below…and do leave ur feedback ,it will help me improve as i m very new to the blogging world..

loads of love,




50 Shades of Nudes…

OK! So by nudes I don’t mean truly nudes but pinky nudes. I just couldn’t resist the caption….:0

saved 1

My love for pinky nudes lipsticks is like deep true love. I have enough of lipsticks but I keep on adding more and more to my vanity. Even though I love experimenting with darker shade these kinds of shades will always remain my go to shade…

Different shade looks different on every individual. So may be my kind of nude will look different on you. Some suggested nude by beauty bloggers washes me makes me look like a zombie .well, I realized this after quite a long time after purchasing too many lipstick suggested by beauty gurus out there. I am sure many of us have done that..

saved 3

Now to my kind of nudes, these are my favorite shades .i always land up using them…

#Nyx Liquid suede in Soft-Spoken:

Now this shade is a perfect nude shade for me. It has a hint of pink brown which makes it a perfect shade suitable for all Indian skin type. I’m medium fair skin toned but it looks good on dusky skin tone as well. I will highly recommend this shade to all wheatish skin ladies out there.its a matte shade but very comfortable on lip.not too sticky and has creamy texture to it.

shade 5

#Dose of Colour in truffle:

This has brown pink undertones to it, though it’s more on pinkier side but it’s will be more of nude for all the medium to fair and darker skin toned girls. It’s very matte and very very drying on lips so I will suggest moisturizing your lips well before applying.

shade 7

# Chambor in 156 (rose fresque):

This shade is more of rosy pink than nude, but this is an everyday colour and surely my lips but better on me . So I consider this again to be a nude shade for me and for medium to darker skin toned people. Its again my go to shade and my second purchase as well.this is again a matte shade but not at all drying it does make cracks on lips visible but the shade is too good to hide that kind of flaw.shade 6

#Chambor extreme wear matte liquid lipstick in 402:

This a nude mauvy with hints of pink. When swatched on hand it looks pink but when applied on lips it’s a stunner, it’s a beautiful nudey pink shade. It will look much prettier on darker skin.As the name sugget it is matte,it stays long for good 8 hours but it does dry your lips after wearing it.

shade 4

#Wet n Wild spiked with rum:

Now this shade is more of brown with a hint of red, but when applied it look nude on me specially in the day time and more of brown red in the artificial lights at night. This is not least favourite of all. Not my go to shade for sure.this is not matte nor glossy , its kind of semi matte.its doesn’t stay for long you surely have to reapply but even if you wont it leaves a wash of colour which looks pretty.

shade 8

I will highly recommend by trying any shade on before purchasing it coz all shade looks different on different skin type, but just buying because someone else suggested is truly wrong .i have done that mistake wont recommend you guys to do the same.


PS plz do give your feedback I am very new to the blogging world. Lots of love :0