Undefined maturity

When it comes to being matured I cannot be added to that list..I do things what I am not supposed to do at my age.I am some one who has pushed the boundaries of age limit.I believe age is only a number that adds on to your life. U r still young by heart even if u reach 60. Is it because i have reached certain age i am implied to behave that way.          I am sure there is a kid in all of us, feeling the rain, dancing in the shower , sleeping on mother’s lap , crying out loud to vent out frustration, eating with pleasure if we really like something, all of these things we all have done it someday or the other. Some days we just miss being a kid. Maturity is not by behaving in certain way or by clothes or by the way we talk but maturity is about how we handle situations . I feel living every moment without hesitation and not thinking what others will think is maturity

    Maturity is defined as coming to adulthood but not letting go the child inside you..As for me the child will always remain even if i turn 60..

Re live ur childhood if not everyday than only for a day.it feels great i have tried it why dont you!!


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